I'm a freelance iOS, watchOS and tvOS app developer based in the UK. In addition to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Apple TV development, I frequently develop APIs for apps using Ruby on Rails (or other similar frameworks which take my fancy), as well as provide frontend website development utilising React (useful for landing pages and admin panels).

Currently, I am heading up the technical team at Airbyte, a product studio delivering mobile apps and websites for a wealth of clients. I have been exposed to a volume of projects and businesses now, so I also often consult on strategy (business, design - UI and UX, development, marketing), whilst still offering hands-on development.

I have worked with worldwide brands and small businesses to deliver products (most of which you can learn about below). Previously, I have worked in both large and small teams, as well as worked solo to provide high-quality apps and websites which my clients can be proud of. In addition, I've also published a number of my own apps (also found below).

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to contact me for more information about me and my services.

I'm currently available from March 2019.


SM Pro Wheels

Built custom widget platform to allow dealers to integrate a bike wheel configurator by integrating a simple code snippet. Utilised React. Built comprehensive management backend with Rails.

Workshop Coffee

Planned and provided flagship updates to an established Rails application, including a full redesign. In partnership with external creative design studio.

Love Renovate

Produced bespoke Rails application to provide a budgeting tool for people undertaking home renovations. This project included two apps (consumer and management) built in Rails and React.


Produced proof of concept and subsequent v1 for TestHQ, an internal Airbyte venture to help facilitate remote user testing. Utilised Rails & React, as well as a Chrome extension component utilising WebRTC.


Quadrant Design

iOS app utilising ARKit and SceneKit to provide interactive previews (using AR and VR) for clients of an award-winning architecture and interior design firm. This project included a sophisticated admin portal built with Rails and React.

Puzzle King

iOS app to provide a premium puzzle experience. Included building an admin portal to manage all content within the app.

Define London

Web app to permit purchasing of workout videos and physical merchandise, including a CMS to curate content provided on the website.

RIG Fitness

Developed a bespoke system integration social network elements and event ticketing management system (including payments).


Proof of concept iOS app for social interactions other than vision (sound, vibrations).

Agricision Ltd

Bug fixes for app which integrates with a hardware product to provide guidance system for agricultural use.

Kantar Worldpanel

Provided a proof of concept web app for receipt collation.

Jaguar Land Rover ReRun

Designed in collaboration with GoPro, this iOS app provides overlays of driving performance on GoPro video footage.

Savings App

Worked on multiple innovative features, improvements and bugfixes in a remote environment.


Now managing the iterative development of the Mobile Adventures platform on a regular basis.



Managed the development and delivery of a bespoke food delivery management system. This included multiple admin and consumer apps (web & mobile) and a centralised API, all built to handle scale.


Maintained client-facing campaign center to help deliver digital receipts on behalf of retailers to millions of customers, as well as providing a platform to view analytics. Part of a platform to win numerous industry awards.


iOS app to aid users studying for the UK Theory Driving Test. Featured.

Big Bus Tours

Popular iOS app with maps and information of bus tours routes provided in multiple cities.

London Science Museum

iOS proof of concept app utilising Bluetooth technology to deliver information.


iOS app and backend to track users’ alcohol drink intake. Hugely popular and featured in the Guardian and numerous other media.


iOS app to quickly deliver train station departures upon arrival. Wildgoose - Lead iOS developer, a partial rebuild and improvement on the original Wildgoose app.



iOS app designed to help people achieve their personal goals.


iOS app aimed at drone enthusiasts. Featured.

Placebo Apple TV App

tvOS app providing exclusive content from the band, Placebo. Invited to demo to Apple and featured on launch. One of the first music-based Apple TV apps.


iOS app designed to provide an interactive recruitment process.


Collection of apps providing in-depth medicinal information.


Atom Bank

iOS proof of concept app, to push the limits of mobile animation.


Built the container app for iOS, becoming the first third-party keyboard to launch on iOS.


iPad app for trade show with interactive product information.


iOS app providing travel information for Reading, Berkshire. Featured on BBC News and BBC Radio Berkshire.


Collection of apps reimagining the "UniApp" brand, providing information for multiple Universities.



An app built to utilise Instagram photos, providing a passive journal of photos.


Built initial version of iOS app to utilise GPS technology and image recognition functionality to innovate the traditional treasure hunt concept.



Mixer was a location-based social network, putting the user at the centre of their community. Mixer launched at SXSWi, gaining significant press coverage, including a TechCrunch feature and a keynote slot at Social Developers London.


iOS and Android apps providing information for students at University of Reading. Hugely popular with students and remains a free resource today.